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Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I rearrange the collection/delivery?

Please contact us via email or telephone 2 days before the arrival of your order. 


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, you would need to buy a minimum of 1 carton or $20

How many days in advance of my preferred delivery time do I need to place an order?

Place an order 3 days in advance of your preferred delivery day.

Can I change or cancel my order(s)?

Yes, but please do so 2 days before the arrival of your order. Please note that cancellation of unpaid payments would not revert the items back to your shopping cart as well. 


How much are the delivery fees?
  • Free Shipping for orders more than $100
  • $8 ,shipping charge for below $100
  • No Shipping Charge for Purchase from WareHouse

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